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This is an inexpensive and clever way to create a tiled effect with simple painted squares. Fine tape separates the tiles and is removed when the effect is finished to give the illusion of grouting. Experiment with different colours to create your own design or leave some of the squares plain as a contrast.

You will need:

  • Dulux Super Grip Primer
  • Dulux Wash 'n Wear Silk paint (white and a second colour)
  • Paint tray and Mohair Roller
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Spirit level
  • 12mm wide masking tape
  • Sponge or Mutton Cloth
  • 50mm paint brush
  • Dulux Floor Sealer Clear

Colours used in this setting:
3F1-8 : Pennies from Heaven

Paint the wall or floor that you are using for this effect in super grip primer and over coat with wash and wear silk in colour of choice. Decide on the width of your tiled panel. measure out the floor and divide that by the size of your tile. From the middle of the floor mark out your first tile and mask it off.

Mark the dots along the tape at 40cm intervals for floors and 20cm for walls on either side of the centre mark. Use the spirit level to draw vertical lines down the wall or floor. Mark dots along the vertical lines at 40 cm intervals and connect them to draw horizontal lines. Place fine masking tape over the lines in both directions. Press down well to ensure that as little paint as possible will be able to seep underneath it.

Pour the second colour Wash 'n Wear Silk paint into the paint tray and add 30% glaze and 10% water. Apply an even coat of glaze to the paint brush, and work it over the square in light and dark patches. Now rub the cloth over these squares to make them slightly patchy

Remove all the tape and seal with Dulux Floor Sealer Clear.