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Smart Services (Pty) Ltd offers the following services:
Roof Cleaning Video of how its done (Airless spraypainting)
We specialise in House, Factory and Church Roofs.
Waterjet cleaning to roofs, walls and paving.
Fungicide treatment - low cost maintenance service, will keep roof continually clean, regular treatments every 2 years as necessary.
Roof spray-painted 10 standard colours. Colour matching is available.
Leaks repaired when roof is cleaned.
Specialist in rope access and all building exterior cleaning.
Frequently asked questions and answers.

Isn't the roof cleaning operation a rather messy job?

Yes it is, however on completion all the walls yards, driveways, gutters are rinsed down and everything is left cleaner than before we started.
No washing should be left on your line and your neighbour should be
advised accordingly.

I have a pool in my garden, won't that get dirty?
No, we have large plastic sheeting which will be used to cover the pool.

Will the job be cheaper if I only do the cleaning and not the fungicide treatment?
No this is because the fungicide is an integral part of the job. Fungus will start to regrow within six months if not treated.

Why do you spray and not brush apply the roof paint?
The spray method is quicker, and gives a more even and superior
looking finish.

What about water restrictions?
Smart Services Pty Ltd has a Special Exemption permit which was applied for on the 1st of October 2004 when the restrictions were started. This permit is given out with each and every quote that leaves
our office.

Do you only do roof cleaning and painting?
No, our services also include Painting and Waterproofing to the Domestic, Commercial and Industrial markets.