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Hydrotech R270

Hydrotech R270 is a product specially formulated as a waterproofer / sealer for asbestos / fiber cement products.

R270 is a patented alumina/silane , water based product, containing unique chemical binders and anti-fungal agents. Which is applied as a two coat wet on wet, deep penetrating, application to the substrate.

R270, used in the treatment of Asbestos Cement sheeting, water proofs the substrate and importantly chemically bonds (fixes) the surface fibres to the sheeting thus ensuring that no fibres are released into the atmosphere.

A survey (30/4 - MDHS 29/4) conducted in Cape Town by Industricon -
(Occupational hygiene and risk assesment consultants - Dept Labour approved inspection authority Reg. No. C1060 OH) - showed conclusively that Hydrotech R270 applied to asbestos roof sheeting had water proofed and bound (fixed) the asbestos fibres exposed by the cleaning operation)

R270 does not form a "skin" thus allowing the substrate to breath and facilitating a simple overcoating in the future if required.