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Frequently asked Questions


What areas are suitable for High gloss paint?
High gloss paint is suitable for the kitchen and bathroom walls for example, because they offer good dirt resistance. Please note that surface imperfections are more noticeable on high gloss surfaces.

What areas are suitable for Semi-gloss paint?
Semi gloss paint, similar to high gloss paint, is recommended for high traffic areas like hallways and children's room because of it's exceptional stain resistance and easy cleaning. The gloss level of such paints is usually a personal preference.

What are the areas suitable for Eggshell paint?
Bathrooms, halls and playroom are the areas suitable for Eggshell paints where less shiny appearance is desired. Such paint offers good dirt shedding properties and are very durable.

What areas are suitable for "flat" paint?
Matt/Flat paint is more suitable for low traffic areas and can be used on walls and ceilings. It has an ability to hide plaster imperfections and generally do not offer good stain resistance and washability. However, there are matt products which do offer good stain resistance eg Wash 'n Wear Matt.

What paint should I use, a water-based paint or solvent -based paint?
The type of paint selected depends on the area of painting as well as one's personal preference. Water-based products are generally used on large areas e.g. exterior and interior walls whilst solvent-based paints are usually used for trimmings and doors. There is an international trend to move towards water-based paints. With new and developing technology, water-based products are fast becoming well known for their excellent durability. In order to select the right product, one must know exactly what you want from your paint e.g. colour, type of finish, durability, odour etc.

How many coats are recommended for exterior painting?
It depends on whether you working on a new plaster or previously painted plaster. New surfaces require a single coat of primer and then followed by 2 coats of paint. Whereas the previously painted surface with sound old paint, can be painted with a single coat of good quality paint.