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From The Beginning..

Smart Services (Pty) Ltd has a proud tradition as a family business, having been established by Mr John Napier in 1975.

In 1976 John Napier pioneered the use of water-jet equipment to remove fungus, algae and moss growth from building surfaces so prevalent in the Western Cape. An effective fungicide treatment was formulated to combat regrowth for at least 2 years.

By 1981 Smart Services developed into a prosperous business operated by three team managers. In later years the spray painting of roofs and pressure washing of walls and paving was included to provide an expanded cleaning service which has been trusted and used repeatedly by many clients during more than 30 years.

During the 1990's John’s sons became active in the business and perpetuated the reputation of reliability. After the turn of the millennium the business developed its expertise to also embrace re-roofing, waterproofing and painting.

Since 2006 the operation of Smart Services has been in the capable hands of Kevin Napier. He is ably assisted by his onsite Project Manager Adrian Maastrecht.

Roof Cleaning

Technical Expertise

Full advantage has been taken of the technological advances available in water-proofing, coating and roofing materials during the past 20 years. Smart Services has also been careful to ensure their expertise in product application has kept pace with this progress in material development. Our staff are well trained, and a high standard of workmanship is maintained by consistent hands-on site management.

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